Workplace lens with long-range optimisation

Long-range optimisation

Wisio Office, W3-Nova Office

Who should wear workplace lenses with long-range optimisation?

You sometimes work at a PC, but it is not your main activity. You must be able to move freely around your workplace and therefore need good vision at all distances. Communication with colleagues is important, you often attend meetings. You have direct customer contact.

Wisio Office, W3-Nova Office

If a clear view of the entire room is required, Office designs are the most appropriate. In general, it should be noted with regard to the technology of all room and PC lenses that the section of the progressive lens that provides the right thickness for the required working area is enlarged to cover the entire lens surface. The more the application moves in the direction of room lenses, the greater the proportion of the addition that is applied.

Bank clerk, teacher, receptionist

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