Using virtual reality to create the most individual progressive viewing experience of all time.

Orion VRa New World of Possibilities for Progressive Lens Wearers

Welcome to the future of lens fitting!

Our Orion VR Test App enables the precise adaption of the future progressive lens to the individual gaze dynamics of your customer.

Thanks to this personalized adaption, your customers enjoy an optimised vision in every situation.

Orion-VR-Test mit Virtual-Reality-Brille

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Orion VR for the optician

Are you an optician and want to order the Orion VR, or would you like more information about the product?

Then please contact our customer service on 02161-5633-0 or send an e-mail to info@wetzlich.de

Understanding and Using Gaze Dynamics Thanks to Virtual Reality

Every human is unique. Movement habits formed in our childhood change over the course of our lives. So why should we assume that each of us sees the world from the same perspective?

The way we see  we call it „gaze dynamics“. This is determined by the relationship between eye and head movements when we perceive objects in our environment. In short: Each of us has our own mechanism for observing the world around us.

We all perceive the world differently. How exactly we do that, can now be determined through the latest VR technology.

Adaptation of the Progressive Lens to the Individual Gaze Dynamics

The Influence of Progressive Lenses

If a progressive lens design does not align with the wearer‘s „way of seeing“, it leads to discomfort and difficulties in adaption. The challenge is to adapt progressive lenses to the wearer‘s gaze dynamics – not the other way around.

Without Progressive Lenses

In a natural gaze dynamics (without progressive lenses) the user‘s visual environment is unrestricted. There is nothing preventing the individual‘s natural gaze direction towards specific objects.

With Progressive Lenses

In a limited gaze dynamics (with progressive lenses), the user‘s visual enviroment is restricted. The peripheral distortions prevent the user from following their natural gaze direction (red markings).

Experience Progressive Vision Through Virtual Reality: The Orion VR System

Our Orion VR Simulation App opens up fascinating perspectives for „future progressive lens wearers“. Now you can demonstrate your customers vision through progressive lenses and give them the opportunity to learn how to use them correctly before making a purchase.

Orion VR-Brille

Determine Gaze Dynamics with Orion VR

Thanks the use of Virtual Reality the Orion VR Test App captures valuable information about the unique gaze behavior of each user. Using these data the app generates precise results to provide the perfect progressive lens solution for your customers individual needs. The comprehensive report includes measurements of gaze dynamics for distance, intermediate and near vision. The final result comprises the determined gaze dynamics along with other specific individual parameters including lens power, frame parameters and conversion-as-worn-powers.


The Orion VR glasses are used to measure and collect your customers’ gaze dynamics data.

Multi-Sensory Environment 

The multi-sensory environment guarantees the wearer maximum immersion in virtual reality.

Controlled Environment

A controlled environment ensures a stable viewing experience without fluctuations.

Gaze Dynamics

The gaze dynamics are determined for distance, intermediate and close range.

Unique Shopping Experience

Your customer becomes the protagonist of the purchasing process  an experience that creates trust and inspires enthusiasm.

Gaze Dynamics Evaluation with
Orion VR Map

In the Orion VR Map all wearers’ measurement results get collected and processed. The different color-coding of the map makes it clear, which areas of the lens are frequently used and which are seldom used (Red = frequent usage, Blue = low usage).

Furthermore, information is provided on the type of gaze dynamics, horizontal-vertical viewing ratio and the maximum visual field deviation angle. All information is summarized in one report. The interpretation of the Orion VR Map is the key to manufacturing the corresponding progressive lenses. Don‘t worry – the evaluation of the optimal design is done automatically. The report serves solely for your information and for presentation to your customer.

VR Display Gaze Dynamics

The Orion VR Map shows the measurement results of gaze dynamics for distance, intermediate and near vision.

Type of Gaze Dynamics

Horizontal-Vertical Viewing Ratio

Maximum Visual Field Deviation Angle

Detailed Report

The Orion VR Design

In addition to various well-known individual parameters and the frame shape the measured gaze dynamics are now also incorporated into the calculation of the optimal progressive lens design for the wearer– ensuring maximum freedom and unrestricted vision.

The result offers unrestricted, clear vision – tailored to the individual gaze dynamics (Orion VR Map) of the wearer.

Orion VR Platform for opticians

You manage your customers measurement results through the Orion VR platform. Here, you have the opportunity to povide your customers with a precise explanation of the analysis of their gaze dynamics. Your customer will be thrilled with the exact measurement and precise insights into their visual behavior! You can find detailed instructions for the Orion VR platform in our owners manual.

Request ORION VR now

Are you convinced and want to create a unique viewing experience for your customers with ORION VR?

Customized progressive lenses

tailored to gaze dynamics

Best visual performance

in every field of view

A new, revolutionary

shopping experience

100% ergonomic design

You can find all the information about the Orion VR platform in our manual.

Through the Orion VR platform you can view the gaze dynamics determined (Orion VR Map) and your customers’ reports at any time. As the data from the Orion VR glasses is transmitted immediately, you can present the measured results directly to your customers.

Availability Overview

Short Description

During your daily consultations with clients you have access to an nearly endless number of lens designs – but which one is best for your customer? The Orion VR solves the selection problem: The wearer‘s eyes and head movements are analyzed using a VR mask at specific viewing distances. Based on the wearer‘s measured gaze dynamic, the most suitable lens design is selected and fully customized to his visual habits. Additionally, we guarantee a satisfied customer who will not forget this VR experience at their optician‘s!


The fitting takes place at zero gaze direction. To do this, ask your client to adopt a normal head and body posture and mark the viewing point on the lens.

Order note The Orion VR can only be ordered via tracer.
Index 1.50
Index 1.53
Index 1.59
Index 1.60
Index 1.67
Index 1.74
1/8 Diopters
Fitting height14-20mm in 1-mm Gradations
Fittingzero gaze direction
Eagle Eyes+
Thickness Reductionincluded
Shape Matching*included
Special Curveincluded
Individual Parametersincluded
Conversion As-Worn Powersincluded

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