LENSES BY Wetzlich

Find out more about spectacle lenses by WETZLICH – quality made in Germany.

Single-Vision Lenses

The single vision lenses of WETZLICH ensure optimum vision. Aspherical and multi-aspherical lenses in particular ensure less distortion.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses of WETZLICH with progression on both sides ensure comfortable and wide fields of vision in every zone.

Occupational Lenses

Occupational lenses of WETZLICH in office glasses ensure the best and most relaxed vision at work, especially when working on screens for long periods.

Sports Lenses

The sports lenses of WETZLICH ensure optimum vision and meet the highest requirements for sports eyewear. UV protection, infrared protection, polarization and a clear view across the entire lens area.

Driver's Lenses

Our lenses for drivers bring together all the new technical possibilities to provide an optimum product for the discerning driver.