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A visual experience without limits

The Latest State-of-The-Art Technology

Over the last 40 years there have been two main goals:

All our efforts over the last 40 years to develop progressive lenses have focused on two goals:

  1. To enlarge the area of the exact power required in the respective
    visual ranges
  2. To reduce the maximum amount of astigmatism that you inevitably
    find in the peripheral blurred areas

Existing Progressive Lens Designs

Hard and Soft Designs

Two fundamentally different design philosophies have emerged over the years. These are often described as hard or soft or European and Asian.

Hard Designs

Hartes Design eines Gleitsichtglases

The hard or European design approach is to provide as wide
a stable distance range as possible, whilst accepting stronger astigmatisms in the peripheral area and, most notably, a rapid increase in them.

Soft Designs

Weiches Design eines Gleitsichtglases

Soft or Asian designs spread the progression increase over as
long a distance as possible. This reduces both the width of the far range and that of the lower stable near range in favour of an increase of the width of the progression zone.


A Visual Experience Without Limits

Orion – hard or soft design?

We say: Neither, nor! The Orion is a completely new design for quality-conscious varifocal wearers that is focused on an extremely fast acclimatisation time. Accepting narrower ranges of exact vision allows for a much slower slide into high astigmatisms and a minimisation of their maximum value.

Brief Information Orion

Progressive Lenses

Hard Design

With a hard design the slide into the astigmatisms tends to be
exponential – i.e. if the wearer’s eye movement deviates from the
areas with the exact power, he or she enters the areas of high
astigmatisms faster and more strongly.

Orion Design

With the Orion design the slide into the astigmatisms is more linear – i.e. if the wearer’s gaze moves away from the areas with the exact strength, they slide more slowly and gently or more evenly into the areas where there are less pronounced astigmatisms in total.

Hard Design

Hartes Gleitsichtglas Design

With a hard or European varifocal design the near vision zone is
slightly wider than it is with the Orion design. However, the almost exponential drop into peripheral astigmatisms ensures that when you move your gaze in a different way, you perceive a “hard” transition to the peripheral distortions outside the range with the exact strengths, which can limit your visual comfort.

Orion Design

Orion-Gleitsichtglas Design

With the Orion design the near vision zone is slightly narrower
than with a hard design. However the linear, even and slower
drop into peripheral astigmatisms when you move your gaze
in a different way ensures that outside the range with the exact
powers, you’ll notice a very smooth transition to the peripheral
distortions (or, in the best case, you won’t notice them at all), which massively increases the visual comfort. This means that outside the near vision zone you benefit from significantly optimised vision compared to a hard design.

Details in Comparison

Herkömmliches Design

Conventional European Design


Orion Design

Maximum visual comfort and barely perceptible transitions to the astigmatisms

Maximum Visual Comfort & Expanded Use of The Lens Surface

How does the transition to astigmatism affect the perception of visual acuity?

Even though the area with the exact visual acuity is somewhat smaller with the Orion than with a hard design, the wearer can use a significantly
larger part of the lens – thus avoiding the typical “swimming effect” or slipping into the out-of-focus areas. If the direction of vision differs, the
wearer does not get directly into high peripheral distortions, which increases the visual comfort enormously, makes them much more comfortable
to wear and optimises spontaneous acceptance.

Hartes Gleitsichtglas Darstellung Dünenlandschaft
Hard Design
Pfeil-Grafik von 0° bis 20°
Orion Gleitsichtglas Darstellung Dünenlandschaft
Orion Design

About The Technology

Binocular balance design

Based on the data the corridor lengths are optimally matched to
the wearer. The result is ideal binocular vision with a perfect 3-dimensional impression.

Clear View design

When ordered with a tracing shape the exact shape of the lens
is used to deliberately shift distortions to the peripheral area to be ground away later, using the Clear View calculation method and to achieve a stable field of vision throughout the lens.

Responsive Vision Design

The requirements for progression have changed a lot over the last few years. While the intermediate portions used to be more important, today the close-up portions often dominate due to intensive smartphone use. The Responsive Vision design
represents a completely new progression-increase concept, which on the one hand ensures pleasant intermediate portions and on the other a very stable, balanced and distortion-free close-up portion.

Individual Fitting of The Lens

For the wearer non-optimised lenses are limited in the periphery. The image deteriorates as soon as you look through a lens at an angle because conventional lenses have not been optimised for the wearer at every point. The wearer’s eye movement is simulated based on the frame shape and the individual parameters collected. In this way every point of the lens is adapted to the wearer’s

Recommended Individual Parameters

  • Fitting height*
  • Frame data (width and height, bridge width)*.
  • PD (near PD)*
  • Desired progression length (14-20mm in 1mm increments)*.
  • Face form angle
  • HSA
  • Inclination angle
  • Lens shape (tracer data)

* Verpflichtende Angabe

Who is The Orion Suitable For?

  • Varifocal customers who have not been enthusiastic about
    varifocals or who have had negative experiences with
    varifocals (intolerance).
  • Classically myopic “varifocal late starters” who get their first
    varifocal lenses with an addition of 2.00dpt
  • Wearers who do not move the head when moving their eyes
  • Wearers who have worn soft designs up until now
Orion Gleitsicht-Brillenglas

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