Gamer Lenses

Sharp vision during gaming can make the difference between victory and defeat: the better you see, the better you play! However, our eyes are often under a lot of strain during gameplay.

With our high-tech gaming lenses, you‘ll be well-equipped for the next level. These lenses provide relaxed and optimized vision, protect your eyes, and bring a new level of performance to your game.

Our Gamer Lenses ...

Gaming Brillengläser

are specifically designed for gamers

Specifically designed for gamers, our high-tech lenses offer a range of benefits that conventional lenses cannot provide. Gamer lenses are also worth considering even if you do not require prescription lenses.

Augenbelastung beim Spielen reduzieren

reduce eye-strain

The harmful blue light emitted by screens is filtered, reducing eye strain. The result? Longer playtime without irritated and tired eyes!

Sicht und Reaktionszeiten durch Gamer Brillengläser verbessern

optimize vision & reaction times

Our gamer lenses are also designed to meet specific gaming requirements, such as fast movements and reaction times. This results in faster and more precise reactions, ensuring that no detail is missed.

Gaming Potential durch Gamer Brillengläser erhöhen

unleash your full gaming potential!

Whether you‘re a professional gamer or a casual player, our gamer lenses allow you to unleash your full gaming potential while enjoying an eye-friendly gaming experience. Our technology provides sharp images without causing eye fatigue or irritation.

Nachhaltige Produktion von Gaming Gläsern

were produced in an environmentally friendly way

As a manufacturer of lenses, we are aware of our responsibility and actively engage in reducing our ecological footprint, creating sustainable production processes, and efficiently utilizing resources.

Brillengläser Made in Germany

are made in Germany

We believe in the added value of „made in Germany“ and produce our lenses in Korschenbroich near Mönchengladbach. Job security in our own country, creating sustainable production, and technical independence and flexibility are very important to us.

Create Your Gaming Experience Without Limits

As a gamer or someone who spends a lot of time in front of a monitor, you probably know the feeling of tired and irritated eyes. Eye strain from excessive screen use is not uncommon, but it can be avoided with the right lenses.

Gamer lenses are specially designed to protect the eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by screens and reduce eye strain such as dry and burning eyes. In addition, they enhance the gaming experience by enhancing contrast, reducing distracting reflections, and optimizing screen visibility.

Whether you‘re gaming, working on a computer, or having a Netflix marathon, gamer lenses are worth it once you spend several hours a day in front of a screen.

We are confident that you will notice the difference!

No Compromises on
Eye Protection

Do not compromise on the protection of your eyes! Our eyes are daily exposed to many visual stressors, especially during work or gaming in front of a screen. This can cause the eyes to quickly become tired and the visual acuity to decrease throughout the day. The main cause of this is the amount of blue light emitted by modern displays such as monitors and LCD/LED screens, which can be harmful to our eyes in larger amounts. Dry, watery or burning eyes, fatigue and headaches are often the consequences. The blue light filter in our gamer eyeglasses can prevent the typical symptoms of excessive screen use.

Integrated UV Protection for More
Flexibility in Everyday Life

Sunglasses are not the only type of eyewear that can provide UV protection. A regular pair of glasses with UV protection can also help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause long-term eye diseases. So, you can wear Gamer glasses not only in front of the screen but also during outdoor activities to protect the eyes from UV radiation and avoid eye irritations and redness.

Optimize Your Vision Through
Contrast Enhancement and Glare Protection

Optimize your vision through contrast enhancement and glare protection: Make your game as sharp as never before! The gamer glasses lenses are made of a material that improves the eyes‘ ability to perceive differences in light and color. This means that the gamer glasses lens enhances contrast and optimizes visibility on the monitor. Additionally, glare and distracting reflections are minimized. This can be quite useful not only for gaming, but also for driving and working on the computer. Glare disappears, distances are better estimated, and objects can be detected earlier.

Better Performance
Gaming Without Limits!

Create your game without limits! Thanks to a combination of blue light protection, glare protection, and contrast enhancement, you can see comfortably and clearly with our gamer glasses lenses, even up to the edge of the lens. Even when using multiple monitors, every detail will be visible! The gamer lens optimizes the image and shortens your reaction times while gaming. Additionally, the strain on your eyes is reduced, leading to an increase in your endurance and personal peak performance – level up!

Restful Sleep

Blue light is often referred to as ‚bad light‘ because it has been proven to have negative effects on our sleep quality. The reason for this is that it can disrupt the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is essential for healthy and restful sleep. Melatonin is primarily released in darkness. As it gets dark, the brain begins to produce more melatonin to prepare our body for sleep. Since many of us spend a lot of time in front of screens in the evening, this can be a serious problem. Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers inhibit the production of melatonin and thus disrupt our natural sleep rhythm. Gamer glasses lenses filter out blue light and reduce eye strain, which can lead to better sleep.

Protect Your Eyes from
Long-Term Eye Damage

The eyes are a significant organ that gives us the ability to perceive the world around us. In addition to sight, they are also an essential factor in interpersonal communication, as we express and recognize our emotions through eye contact and nonverbal signals. Our eyes are indispensable for establishing a connection with the world and understanding it.

However, in our daily lives, we tend to neglect their importance. We are living longer on average than before, and our eyes (like all other parts of the body) are susceptible to wear and tear. Similar to how our skin ages over time, our eyes also age. Certain components of our eyes cannot be repaired in the long term, so it is crucial to protect them as best as possible and minimize the wear and tear. Without adequate protection, UV and infrared radiation, as well as blue light, can lead to burning, watery, and irritated eyes, which can cause long-term damage to vision. Like sunburn on the skin, a chronically irritated eye leaves traces and harms our eyesight.

Therefore, we should give our eyes the attention they deserve and protect them from harmful influences. Appropriate eye protection can help maintain the long-term vision and health of our eyes.

This is how you can try out our gamer lenses!

Our glasses are as unique as we are and should therefore be made and fitted by a professional. And that‘s exactly where you can get our gamer lenses – at your optician! It is important to us that our lenses are professionally fitted and that you also receive a frame that suits you, is comfortable and that you are satisfied with in the long term. We also recommend that you always have your current visual acuity determined before making a new pair of glasses, as this can change over time. So it is possible that you may not have the correct visual acuity for a new pair of glasses with a 1 to 2 year old prescription.

Step by step to your gaming-glasses:

Step 1:
Make an appointment with your optician.

Step 2:
Save the information document for your optician or print it out and bring it with you to your appointment.

Step 3:
Ideally, get a new eye exam from your optician and provide them with this information – and that‘s it! Your optician can order the gamer lenses from us for you.

Step 4:
When you pick up your glasses, make sure to check the provided lens prescription from Wetzlich Optik-Präzision GmbH – the authenticity certificate of your new gamer-lenses, made in Germany.

Do you have any questions about our gamer lenses?

Brillenglashersteller in Deutschland

About Wetzlich

We have been manufacturing lenses with the highest precision and innovative strength in Germany since 1935.

We not only ensure that you simply see better and more with our products. For years we have been developing lenses that provide optimum protection for your eyes. This includes e. g. our UV and infrared protection coating as well as innovative lens materials that filter blue light and increase contrasts.

With one of the most modern European machine setups, we stand for advanced products with the highest quality standards at fair prices.

You can purchase WETZLICH lenses from your local optician. Simply ask him about our lenses or find a WETZLICH partner optician in our optician search.