Polarized lenses improve your vision by eliminating annoying reflections.

Polarisation: Avoid Annoying Reflections

The road is wet and the sun comes out – we have all been there. Especially when driving a car, annoying reflections can impair vision significantly.

Polarising lenses almost completely eliminate reflections from wet roads, water, windscreens, snow and ice. Normally sunlight scatters in all directions – if the light waves hit water, wet roads or snow, for example, the light is reflected by these surfaces and focused in one direction. This causes an unpleasant glare effect and reduces contrast sensitivity. 

Polarising lenses prevent this glare effect and ensure that the reflected light waves cannot reach the eyes. As a result, the polarising lenses also provide greater contrast sensitivity and improved colour perception. Polarising lenses can be extremely useful for athletes, drivers and pilots, in particular, to reduce the risk of accidents – due to the glare effect of a wet road, for example.

A Comparison of Polarizing Lenses to Lenses Without Polarization

Wassersport ohne polarisierende BrillengläserKlare Sicht im Wassersport durch polarisierende Brillengläser

Water Sports
left: Without polarising lenses
right: With polarising lenses

Nasse Straße ohne polarisierende BrillengläserNasse Straße - reflexarm dank polarisierender Brillengläser

Left: Without polarising lenses
Right: With polarising lenses

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