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Wetzlich Optik-Präzision GmbH

Nachhaltige Produktion von Brillengläsern in Deutschland

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Brillenglashersteller in Deutschland

About Wetzlich

We have been manufacturing lenses with the highest precision and innovative strength in Germany at our site in Viersen on the Lower Rhine since 1935.

We not only ensure that you simply see better and more with our products. For years, we have been developing lenses that provide optimum protection for your eyes. This includes, for example, our UV and infrared protection coating as well as innovative lens materials that filter blue light and increase contrast.

With one of the most modern European machine parks, we stand for advanced products with the highest quality standards at fair prices.

You can obtain Wetzlich lenses from your optician. Simply ask him about our lenses or find a Wetzlich partner optician in our optician search.