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Discover the variety of special lenses at Wetzlich! From customised lenses for high prescriptions to aviation lenses, we offer a wide range of individual solutions for your needs.

Everything About Special Lenses and Customised Lenses

Spectacle lenses are available in a variety of designs, which are used either as single vision lenses or multifocal lenses depending on the individual visual impairment. There are also special lenses to suit different lifestyles, whether for working at a computer, sporting activities, driving or sunny days.

But what happens when these are no longer sufficient and special customised lenses are required? With extremely high dioptric powers, conventional spectacle lenses, no matter if single-vision or progressive lenses reach their limits. In such cases the actual special lenses are used.

What Are Special Lenses and Who Needs Them?

Special lenses are used when people either need extremely high dioptric powers due to a severe visual impairment or when they need lenses with unusual properties due to specific professional requirements. This includes pilots in the cockpit for example, who not only need to clearly see the instruments in front of them but also above them.

The extremely high dioptric powers include visual acuities of up to +50 dpt, cylinders of up to 15 dpt and prisms of up to 20 – these special requirements present a real challenge when it comes to finding a suitable lens manufacturer. The manufacture of lenses for such extreme corrections requires a high level of expertise in order to achieve optimum visual results with aesthetically pleasing, thin lenses.

Attractive Aesthetics for Spectacle Wearers - Despite High Dioptric Powers

Conventional lenses with a low refractive index (e.g. index 1.50) reach their limits with severe short-sightedness or long-sightedness. This results in lenses that are unnecessarily thick and enlarge or reduce the size of the eyes for the counterpart, which is known as the “magnify glass effect”. The thick lenses (convex plus lenses) can make the eyes appear unnaturally large, impairing the aesthetic appearance. These uncomfortable, thick and heavy lenses can have a negative impact on the wearer’s wellbeing, both psychologically and aesthetically.

But such cosmetic problems can be solved! High-index, thin quality lenses are in demand. These not only improve the comfort of the glasses but also their aesthetic effect.

A Direct Comparison: Why You Should Switch to Special Lenses for High Prescriptions!

Everyone knows them: Lenses as thick as the bottom of a bottle! But is that really necessary? Of course not! In a direct comparison you can see the difference between a conventional stock lens with an index of 1.50 and a custom-made special lens with an index of 1.67. The optimised special lenses are significantly thinner and lighter, which not only makes them comfortable to wear, but also gives them an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition the choice of frames is not restricted by the thickness of the lens, allowing the wearer to choose their favorite frame. 

Left lens: Conventional stock lens in index 1.50, sph. -6.00 dpt., cyl. 4.00 dpt.
Right lens: Wetzlich special lens for high strengths, sph -6.00 dpt., cyl. 8.00 dpt.

Brief Summary of Special Lenses

  • Particularly high dioptric powers require special customised lenses.
  • There are also special visual requirements in professions such as pilot, cutter / graphic artist, electrician.
  • Spectacle aesthetics are also possible with high dioptric powers.
  • The higher the refractive index, the thinner, lighter and more attractive the lens is for the same diopter value.

Are You Looking for Solutions for Unusual and Rare Lens Powers and Need Special Lenses? You Will Find What You Are Looking for at Wetzlich!

Do you know the situation when, as an optician, you ask yourself: “Where can I order these special lenses?” when you have extremely unusual dioptric powers. You browse through all the product catalogs of lens manufacturers to find a suitable product.

Put an end to this search, because at Wetzlich you can find everything you would otherwise have to search for a long time!


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Special Lens Division at Wetzlich

Special lens production is extremely complex and requires a high degree of precision. In addition the search for a manufacturer that offers such rare lens solutions can be challenging. At Wetzlich, you will find what you would otherwise have to search for a long time!

We offer you customised lenses for high powers in single vision and progressive lenses. As an optician, please ask for our special lens catalogue!

In the area of mineral plano-concave / convex we offer you customized single vision and progressive lenses. Please ask for our list of special lenses.

Lenticular lenses are particularly suitable for extremely high dioptric values. Optimal application range for hyperopia from +8.00 to +50.00 dpt.

Our freeform minus lenticular lenses are available as single vision and progressive lenses – exclusively in index 1.74 and ideal for a value range of -18.00 to -30.00 dpt.

Special organic bifocal and trifocal lenses are available for presbyopic wearers to ensure the widest possible field of vision. These lenses are often used for users who frequently work in close proximity and therefore have high demands on the size of the close-up range in the lens. Particularly suitable for wearers who want a large close-up range in the lens (graphic designers, draughtsmen, electrical engineers).

A slab-off cut is used when a wearer has double vision at short distance due to high differences in visual acuity. The slab-off cut compensates for the different prismatic effects at close range. Suitable for wearers who suffer from anisometropia. The right and left eye differ in the type or extent of certain visual defects.

To meet the special requirements of presbyopic wearers for spectacle lenses, Franklin designs are available in an organic version that can be tailored precisely to the wearer’s needs. The most important aspect here is the individual design of the near range. Franklin designs are cemented together from two single-vision lenses cut in half, while executive lenses are made from a single glass blank.

Special situations require special lens solutions. The special Pilot 2.0 lens has been designed to provide optimum vision for long, medium and close distances. It guarantees pilots clear forward vision and a clear view of the controls (top and bottom) in the cockpit.

Pilot 2.0 - by Pilots for Pilots

The special Pilot 2.0 lens is optimised for far, medium and near vision and offers pilots a clear view of the front and the cockpit controls (top and bottom). This unique design was created by pilots for pilots.

A Pilot’s Field of Vision

A flexible view is extremely important for pilots as they need to see many points throughout their field of vision. This includes, in particular, the view upwards in order to be able to operate the cockpit controls correctly. Conventional progressive lenses do not allow this.

Special lenses created by pilots for pilots.

Optimised Near Vision in the Lens, Top and Bottom!

The unique design allows the wearer to see close-up areas clearly in the upper and lower part of the lens. This means that when looking up and down, they can see the controls and other areas of the cockpit comfortably and flexibly.

Spezialglas für Piloten

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