Find out more about the optional extras for ophthalmic lenses by WETZLICH – made in Germany.

Infrared Protection Saphire X IR

Infrared rays represent over 40% of the sunlight spectrum. Find out more about our infrared protection here.

Blue Light Protection & Contrast Enhancement

The new Protect and Protect Eagle Eyes lens materials protect your eyes from blue light and provide a large increase in contrast.

Polarising Lenses

Polarising lenses almost completely eliminate reflection from water, windscreens, snow, ice and wet roads, for example.

Coatings for Spectacle Lenses

We produce numerous coatings for refining spectacle lenses. These include hard coating, anti-reflection coating, UV and blue light filters and a clean coating.

Lens Thickness & Lens Material

There are lenses made with different lens materials and thicknesses. Here you will find an overview of the various options.

Photochromic Lenses

In their basic state, glasses with only 5 % tint cannot be distinguished from clear glasses. When exposed to sunlight, the glasses tint to about 80 %.