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4 Easy Office Occupational Lenses INNOVATIVE, SIMPLE, UNLIMITED

Why should you try 4 Easy Office? Because it simply works.

The often ambiguous question of whether a occupational lens should be tailored for near or intermediate distances has finally been resolved, because: In today‘s mobile working world focusing exclusively on one of these visual requirements is rarely relevant or effective.

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With 4 Easy Office your customers benefit from unrestricted vision at near and monitor distances. Additionally there is a distance area.

The 4 Easy Office Meets All The Requirements of a Modern Workplace

4 Easy Office is a simple, innovative universal solution that
not only provides a near range and an extremely wide monitor
distance but also offers a distance area.

Questions, You no Longer Need to Ask

In daily conversations with your customers you always ask the
same questions when selling occupational lenses:

Hand on heart: When was the last time you received a clear answer to these questions? Customers who receive a pure computer lens are dissatisfied with using it for distance vision, while customers with a room lens have problems seeing at the computer.

The 4 Easy Office meets all the requirements of a modern workplace: Clear vision in near distances, an extremely wide field of view at monitor distance and the additional distance area ensure that documents on the desk as well as people at the other end of the room can be seen without any problems.

Performance Meets Clarity.

4 Easy Office PC variant provides a stable monitor distance from 0.8 m to 1.2 m while 4 Easy Office Unlimited variant offers a range of 0.8 m to 2 m for monitor work.

Above this monitor distance both designs transition towards a residual addition of 0.25 dpt. in the upper part of the lens. Thus both designs enable vision in room distances up to 4 m.

Computer lenses and room usage no longer exclude each

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4 Easy Office Unlimited Arbeitsplatzbrillengläser
Arbeitsplatzgläser Brillenglas-Design Sehzonen

Example: 4 Easy Office Unlimited, Addition: 1.50 dpt.

  • The near portion is designed so that the usual desk distances can still be seen stably in the periphery.
  • The monitor distance above (partly using the residual accommodation) is perceived as extremely wide and without restriction, even with large or multiple monitors.
  • Above the distance centring point the design gradually transitions towards the frame edge to 0.25 dpt.
4 Easy Office Unlimited Arbeitsplatzbrillengläser

A customer with an addition of ≤2.00 dpt. will always be satisfied with 4 Easy Office Unlimited.

4 Easy Office PC Arbeitsplatzbrillengläser

For a customer with an addition of ≥2.25 dpt. 4 Easy Office PC is the better choice. Naturally the distance vision area is also included in the upper part of the lens.

4 Easy Office Occupational Lenses

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