Using virtual reality to create the most individual progressive viewing experience of all time.
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We have been manufacturing innovative high precision lenses in Germany since 1935.
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Product variety meets individuality. At WETZLICH, every pair of specatcle frame finds its lenses, whether single-vision lenses, progressive or workplace lenses.
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Customized & Innovative Lenses –
Made in Germany

We have been manufacturing innovative high precision lenses in Germany since 1935. In addition to progressive lenses, single vision lenses and sun protection, our range also includes special lenses for a wide range of requirements for business, free time activities and special usage.

Purpose of all our doing is not only that you see better with our lenses. For years we have been researching and developing ophthalmic lenses that optimally protect your eyes as an extra benefit. Protection against UV radiation, infrared radiation and blue light as well as a maximum breakage resistance are some of our strengths.

With one of the most modern machine infrastucture in Europe, we stand for products with the highest quality standards at fair prices.

Our lenses are distributed through local opticians. Ask them for WETZLICH lenses or find some of our listed business partners in our optician search.

Innovative Lenses
with an Added Value

High-quality products at competitive prices – as a full-range manufacturer, we offer a solution for every visual requirement.

With a huge FreeForm product range and the highest degree of innovation, we are always taking a decisive step towards the future.

Discover our diverse range of spectacle lenses now.

We invest lots of time and innovative power into the development of our products and have the clear intention to generate clear extra benefits with our products besides just a perfect vision. Such an be as an example the protection from blue light and infrared radiation – the preservation of eye health plays a major role.

Florian Gisch, CEO of Wetzlich Optik

The Difference at WETZLICH – We Live Precision

Highest quality
"Made in Germany"
with fair production

Individually adjusted lenses for sharpest vision in every moment

Clear added value to protect your eyes, one of your most important sensory organs

Responsible use of natural ressources and integration into the German recycling system

Additional Features for Your Lenses – Protection of Your Eyes Combined With a Perfect Vision

Added value through more value! Our innovative and award-winning technologies provide you with multifunctional lenses that not only improve vision, but also make life easier. With a wide range of options for perfect vision: Infrared protectionBlue light protection & contrast enhancement, polarisation, coatings, photochromic lenses and more.

About WETZLICH – We Produce Lenses in Germany 

Since 1935, we have been producing spectacle lenses of the highest precision and innovation and are one of the last companies in the industry with a production in Germany. Our mission to create spectacle lenses with clear added value for the wearer. In addition, we see it as our task not only to offer sustainable products, but also to integrate sustainability into the production process.

With one of the most modern machine parks in Europe, we stand for quality “made in Germany”, sustainability, innovation and progress.

Brillenglashersteller in Deutschland

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