Sports glasses

Sports glasses

So that you can concentrate fully on your SPORT

Some sports activities require more from glasses than just good vision. This is especially true when high speeds, changing weather, dust or different lighting conditions are present – sports lenses do not just correct a visual defect but actively support sporting activities.

As our eyes are put under a lot of strain during sporting activities, it is important to protect them properly. One of the most important points is sun protection, which should normally be standard in sports glasses. UV rays irritate the eye and this in turn leads to dry, reddened or watery eyes. Infrared protection is also relevant here, as, along with UV protection, it also reduces thermal stress on the eyes.

Infrared rays, a significant component of sunlight, also penetrate to the retina. These can cause lasting damage there by heating up the inside of the eye. Furthermore, sports glasses naturally serve as protection against water, snow, wind and dust. Water and snow reflect light very strongly, so polarising lenses are a must. Polarisation almost completely eliminates distracting reflections. Wind and dust can dry out and irritate the eyes – only glasses offer reliable protection against this. The comfort of sports eyewear is certainly the most important point, as they have to feel good to wear during sports. For a cyclist, for example, it is important that hand-eye coordination works perfectly – even at higher speeds, so that a quick reaction is possible.

For optimal vision, maximum comfort and adaptation to your preferred sports frame, there are special sports lenses which are characterised by their multi-aspheric geometry and conversion of values to the wearing position. This ensures a clear view throughout the entire lens area and thin lenses of the highest aesthetic appeal.

Left: Spherical lens
Right: Optimised sports lens

Our sports lenses: Loop, Loop Progressive – also available with Transitions®, NuPolar® and DriveWear 



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